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Добро пожаловать на наш хаблист. Данный хаблист разработан для сбора статистики интернет-хабов в данный хаблист. Спасибо что вы с нами :-) Welcome to our Hublist. The Hublist is designed for gathering statistics Internet hubs in the Hublist. Thank you for being with us:-)


Welcome to hublist.dchub.net. There are currently 464 online of totally 820 hubs in database.

Hublists: type CTRL+P in your client and click on configure and copy this address:

List Type Downloads
http://hublist.dchub.net/hublist.xml.bz2 BZ2 > XML 1 745
http://hublist.dchub.net/hublist.xml XML 16
http://hublist.dchub.net/hublist.config.bz2 BZ2 > CONFIG 34
http://hublist.dchub.net/hublist.config CONFIG 11


Why can't I see cyrillic letters on website?
We use Windows-1252 by default, it fits best as international character set. Change encoding in your browser to Windows-1251 if you want to see cyrillic letters.
Why doesn't my hub appear online after adding it to hublist?
Our pingers visit hubs once every hour, that means it could take up to one hour for your hub to get visited for the first time. You have to be patient.
How do I edit my hub information?
When you added your hub, you got so called edit code. Use it to edit your hub information. If you didn't personally register your hub or have lost your edit code, use our support hub to contact us about your edit code.
Do you have a hub registration server?
Yes we do, the adress is the same hublist.dchub.net and port is standard 2501, so hublist.dchub.net:2501 is our hub registration server.

Support hub

Easiest way to get support is to visit our support hub and write your question in main chat.

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